Fact and Fiction Writing Exercise

I have just today begun an online creative writing course. One of the writing exercises is to write two paragraphs about anything, one containing 1 fact and 3 fictions and another containing the opposite. I had posted my replies below. 

Let’s see if anyone can sort fact from fiction.

1 fact 3 fiction: 

I will always remember my fifth birthday party, and not just because of the numerous photographs my mum still has packed away in the attic. All my friends were invited, I believe everyone turned up (my memory isn’t perfect after all). It was held in our local church, it was snowing outside and I had a visit from Po of Teletubby fame! How fun for a five year old, not so much for my sister, she was only one at the time though so who can blame her.

3 facts 1 fiction: 
In a small flat with an oversized living room there lives a tortoise. This tortoise goes by the name of Clyde, he has been wandering his open table for nearly eight years, determined to find new area to explore. He is rather addicted to Forsythia flowers so his keepers, Jenna and James, are rather thankful that they only flower for a short time every year. When he can’t get his claws into Forsythia flowers he finds Dandelion leaves to be an acceptable substitution.


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