UNBOXING – Book Blogger Candle by Lacuna Candle Co.

Today's post is going to be a little different from usual. I recently bought a candle from Lacuna Candle Co on Etsy and I've decided to write an unboxing post. For clarification, this is not a sponsored post, I've decided to do this and currently the shop owner has no idea. When I saw this... Continue Reading →

Product Review – The Bloggers Essentials Box by Dotcreates

Hello everyone and welcome to my first product review. These won't be quite as often as my book reviews but every time I buy something that is writing/blogging/reading related I shall be reviewing it for all of you. This post is all about the Bloggers Essentials Box sold by Dotcreates. It is a reasonably priced box full of... Continue Reading →

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