UNBOXING – Book Blogger Candle by Lacuna Candle Co.

Today’s post is going to be a little different from usual. I recently bought a candle from Lacuna Candle Co on Etsy and I’ve decided to write an unboxing post. For clarification, this is not a sponsored post, I’ve decided to do this and currently the shop owner has no idea.

When I saw this candle on Twitter (I follow the seller) I just had to get it. It is designed for book bloggers, advertised to smell like iced coffee, book pages and blueberry muffins! Now I was very lucky when I bought this as I got the last one! I would imagine there are more in stock now, but I was quite excited to get my one.

The packing is simple, a small box with a label on.

I think it got a little knocked in transit as some of the tape had come loose, but no damage done to the candle itself so that’s ok.

Opening the box you immediately see bright colours.

The candle is protected by bright pink packaging paper and yellow filler strips (I have no idea what that’s actually called!).

You get the normal paperwork as you would expect, but you also get some cards with messages!

As you can see the candle comes in a pretty little bag, I think I will reuse it at some point. You get the care and use instructions like you would expect. I’m going to take this time to say that I rather love their logo, it’s simple yet beautiful!

Now for the candle itself.

A well designed label with a clear font. The candle is pink, which I didn’t expect. On Etsy there was only the label with the name and scent, I thought if anything it would be blue, after the blueberry muffin. The candle is quite a hefty little thing, which should have been expected considering I bought the largest size.

Now to open the candle…..

What’s this I see?


I love glitter, and all things sparkly I suppose.

You are hit with the scent as soon as you open it. A sweet scent, the first thing I smelt was the muffin, the book pages and iced coffee are hidden underneath.

Honestly I can’t wait to light this candle. Unfortunately I’m not going to get the chance today, but I shall update this post once I do!

If you want to check out this candle, and the others Lacuna Candle Co sell then check out their website here.

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