Book Tour Review: The Old You by Louise Voss

Lynn Naismith gave up the job she loved when she married Ed, the love of her life, but it was worth it for the happy years they enjoyed together. Now, ten years on, Ed has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia, and things start to happen; things more sinister than lost keys and missing words. As some memories are forgotten, others, long buried, begin to surface … and Lynn’s perfect world begins to crumble. But is it Ed’s mind playing tricks, or hers…?

Today I will be reviewing The Old You by Louise Voss as part of a blog tour organised by Anne Cater. In fact, I am the last stop on this tour which is great, I’ve never finished a tour off before!

First off, the facts!

THE OLD YOU new cover_preview[1802]

Genre: Thriller, Domestic Noir

Length: 300 pages

Available formats: Kindle and Paperback

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My Thoughts

As you know, this isn’t my usual type of novel, I tend to keep to YA and Fantasy. But I found myself surprised by how much I enjoyed reading The Old You, it kept me guessing throughout. Every time I thought I figured out the mystery something new would pop up to disprove my theory. I like this about a book, no matter how well written a book is if you can guess the ending before the halfway point you aren’t going to enjoy reading it. Unless you’re the type that likes being proven right all the time.

As you follow Lynn she tries to figure out what is going on with her husband, along with several flashback scenes you start to wonder what’s going on along with Lynn. There are several twists to look out for throughout the novel, some of which seem to come out of nowhere but end up making perfect sense once you get used to them.

Given that I tend to review YA books I shouldn’t have been surprised with the more adult scenes between Lynn and Ed but I was. I have more adult novels in my TBR pile so I should get used to it pretty quickly. You start the novel by thinking the relationship between the two main characters is normal, you feel for them when Ed is diagnosed, but by the end of the novel, you will see how twisted the relationship between Lynn and Ed is, honestly I think that’s putting it loosely.

I love the character development of Lynn and the people in her life, several relationships change dramatically throughout the novel showing that everyone has secrets. She makes and breaks friendships and romantic relationships, ending up in a very different situation to the one she began in. Some relationships change for the better, and some for the worse, but the way the changes are written are very entertaining.

Lynn herself is not a perfect character, she has flaws that are explored in the novel. The novel shows you different aspects of her personality while keeping the story present throughout. This helps you get connected with Lynn as you are led towards the grand finale. She begins the novel unsure and too reliant on the people around her, but by the climax you see her grow as a person, faced with what happens to her she doesn’t really have a choice. Adapt or die, those are her options.

Overall I would recommend this novel of anyone looking for a thrilling read that will keep you guessing throughout. Even if you think you have everything figured out with Ed, just you wait for the last surprise…

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