My Writing Life: Writing Groups

So I haven’t updated you on my writing life for a while now, but yesterday I had a new experience that I wanted to share with you all. I went to my first writing group meeting. Exciting right?

Now, for clarification I have been a part of online writing groups, mainly during NaNoWriMo. I still talk to a friend I made on a regular basis. So I already know the benefits of talking to other writers. But I now have the experience of meeting as a group.

I came across the group on Wednesday and saw they were advertising for a two hour writing session. I jumped at the chance as I don’t often get two hours where I can just write with no distractions. I found the whole experience very useful, I wrote just over 3,000 words! I managed to work through a tough couple scenes and I’m now at the bit where the story really starts to pick up so I should hopefully run straight through the next ten chapters or so.

The people I met were nice, the organiser was friendly and professional at the same time (and she also takes part in NaNoWriMo). Everyone was there with the same aim, to work on their manuscripts with minimal distractions. Everyone seemed happy by the end of the session and there were plans to start up some manuscript workshops in the near future, which I plan to attend.

So my overall thoughts on writing groups? I thoroughly recommend them, if you can find the right one for you then go for it. You could find they boost your writing, you could make some new friends or you could come up with some whole new writing ideas from meeting new people. Whether it’s an online or in person group you could find them really useful!

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