My New Series – Bound In Thought

Big news everyone! I have a new series being published online, through a website called Channillo, and the first chapter is available to read for free today. It is called Bound In Thought and new chapters will be published on the 21st of each month.

Bound in Thought Cover

Take a look at my synopsis and let me know what you think. Please do read the first chapter and subscribe on the link below!

There is only one rule everyone follows. Without choice or knowledge. One rule that everyone accepts to live and love by. You have a soulmate. Simple yet life-altering. You are connected in thought, with the ability to look inside each other’s mind at any time. But you will only gain this ability at 21 years old, and only if you choose to activate the bond. Should you choose not to then you will live your life knowing that your soulmate is out there but you will never find them. What would you choose? Follow several people as they learn to live with the consequences of their choice.

Channillo is a good website to publish with, if you are new to the publishing world. The premise is that you publish your series one chapter at a time and readers can subscribe. You can do this with any genre; fantasy, romance, non-fiction, etc. The only genres not accepted are erotica and anything aimed at people under 13 years old as they don’t market to those groups. They also only run pieces in English, although they are planning to expand this in the future.

If you sign up to the site as a reader then you are charged $5 a month (after a 30 day free trial). This $5 is split between each writer you subscribe to, after a processing fee taken by Channillo. So you can expect a fair amount of marketing from me for this series over the next little while.

I haven’t decided how long this series will be yet, I’ve got at least 20 chapters in mind so far so it should be going for a while. The ultimate aim is that when I have finished it I will be compiling it into one book, which I will publish in a more traditional format.


Read the first chapter of Bound In Thought here

There is the option on Channillo to comment on and discuss my series, I will endeavour to reply to all comments so if you have any questions please do ask them.

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