Quarterly Goals Update – April-June

So the first quarter of the year has gone rather quick. This post will be looking back on the goals I set myself for this quarter to see how well I did as well as set some to accomplish before July arrives.

My goals for this past quarter:

  1. Complete a rewrite of the first ten chapters of The Revelation Academy. – Well I got through four chapters before I started again, and now I’m on chapter three so that counts as seven right? Either way I failed this one, though I am still pleased with my progress so far with the book. 
  2. Get this blog onto a regular schedule that I can manage efficiently. – I claim this as a win! Though I might not be posting on the same days each week I do have a schedule I am keeping too, including having book reviews planned at least twice a month as well as monthly book haul posts. I also have a monthly newsletter keeping people updated with my writing progress.
  3. Finish reading the three books mentioned in my last post for review posts. – Well to recap these three books were Eve by Jenna Moreci (READ AND REVIEWED) Artemis by Andy Weir and Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King, aside for the first one I have not finished these books, I got distracted by other ones which I have read and reviewed so while this is not a win I have still provided reviews for you to read.
  4. Sketch out a rough plot for my next book. – I have actually got a very rough plot for a couple books now, including the sequel to TRA so this is a win. They are VERY rough drafts though.

Of my four private goals I have accomplished 2. So overall I have accomplished 4 of 8 quarterly goals so I think that can be called a win for my first set of goals!

My goals for this next quarter:

  1. Get to the end of the first ten chapters of my current rewrite of The Revelation Academy.
  2. Start reading (and finishing) one book a week.
  3. Look into starting a YouTube channel (scary!)
  4. Finish a complete outline for the sequel to TRA

I have also carried over the two incomplete private goals and added another two. Hopefully I can continue to win!


So what are your goals for this next quarter?

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