Camp NaNoWriMo – Packing the Essentials

Camp NaNoWriMo begins on Sunday, six days away, and I’ve got to get prepared. Oddly it only occurred to me yesterday that I will actually be camping for Camp NaNoWriMo. I know I know, the camping trip has been planned for 3 months now, I should have made the connection long ago. And yes I know it’s a little mad to be camping in April, in England of all places but I love it and I know it will be cold.

As I will be away from my laptop for 8 days I have figured out a way to work on my novel whilst out on the moors in a tent. On Thursday night I plan to print out what I have of my latest draft and take it away with a blank notebook. I will be handwriting as many pages as I can whilst I’m away hoping to get towards my goal of 30 pages while I have no other distractions. Handwriting is quite slow for me but it’s my only way to write whilst on holiday.

I’ve seen a lot of NaNo essentials lists on the websites forum and I felt it was time to work out my own list.

  • Notebook (obviously)
  • My fountain pen and refill cartridges (multiple colours)
  • Folder of pages already written
  • Coffee (and plenty of it)
  • Snacks (healthy and unhealthy)
  • Other fantasy books to keep me in the mood to write
  • My kindle for the occasional moments of free Wi-Fi at coffee shops so I can do quick research on angels and demons.

Now my soon to be remote location has rather limited this list but I think the fact that I will be out in the middle of nowhere and able to write without my phone bleeping at me will make me very productive.

This year will be very different from past years participating in NaNoWriMo (camp or otherwise) but I’m hoping the different setting will help me move closer to my goal of becoming a published author one day.

So what is in your camping backpack?

If you fancy buying a cold camper a coffee please take a look at my Ko-Fi page. I am currently saving for my own domain and to take this blog self-hosted.

One thought on “Camp NaNoWriMo – Packing the Essentials

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  1. I am not quite prepared for Camp although I’ve know since March I was going to do it. I just realised things I need to get done. What I need so far:
    -a playlist, just in case I need music
    -my new laptop/typewriter/pen and paper ready
    -my novel notes (on my to-do list)
    -tea !!!!!

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