Book Review: What If? by Abbey MacMunn

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing an ARC copy of What If? by Abbey MacMunn, a collection of short stories each focusing on a different mythological creature; vampires, mermaids and ghosts included. What If? is the first collection of short stories in a series and is due to be published on 3rd April 2018.
Important Info

Author: Abbey MacMunn

Published: 3rd April 2018

Length: 50 pages

Available formats: Kindle

Amazon Link (Affiliate link)
My thoughts

I think that this is the shortest book I have reviewed yet, but Abbey MacMunn packs a lot of story into a small book! The dominate theme throughout the collection is characters who find out that they aren’t who they thought they were, by the end of their short story they discover that they are this wondrous creature and they faced with a choice.

What If? is an easy read, you can easily read through a short story or two on your morning commute, adding a little fantastical shine to the early hours of your day.

Given the short length of each story and the book as a whole you don’t read too deeply into the characters introduced, but you do get to understand them on some level. I felt a connection to several characters as I often daydream about fantasy worlds (good thing I’m a fantasy writer), I felt like I fit in within the world Abbey MacMunn created.

However the only negative point I have about the collection was that the whole ‘damsel-in-distress’ aspect was used a bit too much for my own liking. Sure the ‘damsel’ wasn’t really in danger for a lot of the stories but too many of the stories showed a man coming to a woman’s rescue (be it physical, mental or spiritual rescue).

That being said I still enjoyed reading through the collection and I am looking forward to the next one in the series.
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  1. Awesome post! I totally love the layout of your blog and this sounds like a really good collection thanks for sharing! I just posted a rambly book review type thing of Turtles All The Way Down so I’m sort of blog-hopping to take inspiration from other book bloggers in case I want to do another one at some point 🙂

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