February Book Haul

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!

Last month I posted a list of books I had bought, as there had been so many I wanted to showcase them! Well I wasn’t expecting to post about a haul again, but then I went and bought a lot of books again! So here is my February book haul!

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The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

  • I saw this by chance in the Tesco close to my family on a visit earlier this month. I was quite happy to get it as I had seen it all over social media for a little while. And at £4 who could say no?!

Coraline & Other Stories by Neil Gaiman

  • Small confession. I didn’t know Coraline was a book until late last year. I know! I’m terrible. But after I started following Neil Gaiman on Twitter I read about it and since then I’ve wanted to read the book that lead to a brilliant film.

Sightwitch by Susan Dennard

  • Ok, technically I bought this in January, but it was a pre-order and it only arrived on the 20th February so it counts! I very quickly read the first book in the series, Truthwitch, at the beginning of the year. You can read my review here. I quickly bought the second book, Windwitch, which I am currently reading and will be reviewing this month. Sightwitch is a prequel, focusing on one of the background characters from the series. It is written like a diary and the way it has been printed makes it feel like a diary!

A Glimmer of Hope by Steve McHugh

  • This is the first in follow-up series for Steve McHugh, it is currently on pre-sale but I was lucky enough to get it early (on Kindle) as a Amazon Prime member on World Book Day. I’m quite eager to read and review this for you all!

The Fandom by Anna Day

  • This is another book I saw all over social media a few weeks ago so when it went on sale on Amazon Kindle I just had to get it! I haven’t started reading it yet but I am looking forward to it.

SEO and Search Marketing in a week and Social Media Marketing in a week by Nick Smith

  • And on the non-fiction side I bought these two books at the same time as Coraline as I kinda need to start learning some business stuff if I want to take this whole writing/blogging thing full time!

So what do you think of my haul for the last month? What did you get to read? Any suggestions for what will evidently become my March book haul?


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