Book Review: Anna Undreaming by Thomas Welsh

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest book review. I am very excited to be reviewing this book today as I was lucky enough to be given an ARC (advance reader copy) of this book. There isn’t long left till the release date so hurry up and pre-order your copy of this amazing book! You can find it very reasonably priced here Anna Undreaming (The Metiks Fade Trilogy)

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anna undreaming
Important Information

Author: Thomas Welsh (Twitter, Goodreads, Website)

Release date: 20th March 2018

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Length: 368 pages

Available formats: Paperback & Kindle
My thoughts on the story

Anna Undreaming is a roller-coaster of a read. It starts out quite dark with some scenes that are a little confusing. But as you are closely following the main character, Anna, as she discovers a new version of reality it isn’t surprising that it’s so confusing to begin with. But it gets clearer the more you read, the more Anna comes to understand the world she is now a part of.

The world that Welsh created in Anna Undreaming is interesting in many different ways. He shows in his world that creativity, in any form, can be used for great good or great evil. The idea that an art form can change the world is an exciting idea. Anna’s adventures through this new world captivated me from the beginning. The twists and turns that Anna comes across kept me guessing right until the end, even a few times had me tearing up (I promise no spoilers, but wow!).
My thoughts on the characters

Anna is a complex character who I was quite keen to unravel. She clearly has a dark past that affected her actions throughout the book and you don’t even get a semi-full background story on her trauma until the final chapters, though I still feel like there is more to discover on that part. Despite the trauma she experienced and the events that happen to her as the story develops Anna remains a strong character, and that is part of how the book is sold. Welsh advertises it as having strong female characters and he certainly delivers.

The next character that share a fair amount of pagetime is Teej, another Metik like Anna. Teej is somewhat mysterious and I quite enjoyed trying to figure him out along with Anna. There is still a lot more to discover about him but I have to say I admire his determination!
My thoughts on the style

Welsh creates his descriptions beautifully. The way he describes the scenes is brilliant and makes it easy for the reader to picture his world easily, from the beautiful scenery to the somewhat haunting creations seen in the Hazes.

Welsh writes Anna’s story in a restrictive POV so you aren’t always given all of the information, but I prefer this style honestly. Despite his brilliant descriptions he still leaves some mysteries to be found by the reader, again something I prefer in a fantasy book.

The language that Welsh uses becomes something unique with the new terminology he created. There are several words and phrases throughout the book that aren’t in the Oxford Dictionary, but don’t despair for Welsh has created a glossary at the back of the book (for once you have my permission to skip to the last pages, just don’t peak at the last chapter!). I admit I didn’t really expect much of a new language, given that the book is an urban fantasy, not set in a Tolkienesque world, but it wasn’t hard to understand for very long.
Final thoughts

Anna Undreaming is a good read for anyone looking for a world of magic (but not like the magic we are used to), strong female characters and, to quote Willy Wonka, a world of pure imagination!

five stars


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