My Writing Playlist

I often come across a debate over whether listening to music while writing is a benefit or if it hinders the creativity. Of course this is down to the writer and there is no right or wrong answer. But personally I find listening to music helps me write, it unlocks the door to my creativity if you will. So this post will focus on what I like to listen to while writing. I know some people tend to listen to specific albums/artists/genres when writing specific scenes but I prefer to have a wide range of music all in one playlist, then I just skip through till I find the right song.

I currently have one long playlist on Spotify containing 283 songs, these range from Disney to Paramore to Ke$ha. I also have found a playlist created by Spotify called Pure Pop Punk which I have been listening to for the past week, you can be sure some of the songs will be copied over to my writing playlist soon enough.

(I am currently listening to Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne while writing this).

Whenever I get writers block I love to listen to David Garrett’s Rock Symphonies, he turns popular rock songs into orchestral tunes. And as I write this I have found out he has done another album along the same theme, Rock Revolution, and Lavigne has been put aside while I listen!

I suppose my system must seem messy compared to most writers writing playlists as I mix everything together rather than separating them out into types of scenes to write, but I tend to jump about with my writing anyway.

Do you have writing playlists? Do you have any artists to recommend? Or do you avoid music when writing all together?


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