Product Review – The Bloggers Essentials Box by Dotcreates

Hello everyone and welcome to my first product review. These won’t be quite as often as my book reviews but every time I buy something that is writing/blogging/reading related I shall be reviewing it for all of you.

This post is all about the Bloggers Essentials Box sold by Dotcreates. It is a reasonably priced box full of goodies to help you plan your blog, it is currently sold for £29 +pp.


Seeing the package waiting for me on the stairs leading to my flat I was quite surprised by how slim it was. Admittedly I was a bit worried there wouldn’t be much to the box but I was pleasantly surprised and proven wrong. On opening the box you immediately get an encouraging message.


I completely agree with this sentiment, my study is currently drowning in stationary I have deemed too pretty to use.


As you can see the seller ensures that the products are well protected during delivery. And honestly, who doesn’t enjoy playing with bubble wrap?


Here you can see everything that you get in the box, you see how wrong I was when I mentioned not getting very much with it!

Blog planner horizontal

The Ultimate Blog Planner is chunckier than you think it would be, considering the size of the box. It is full of pages like the pad on the left, but also includes other pages to help you organise the blog. Also dotted within the pages are inspirational pages much like the prints also included in the box.

Prints horizontal

You can find individual prints to buy on the Dotcreates website but I do really like the ones included in the box.

Stickers horiztontal

These stickers are so pretty. I can’t wait to start using them. In fact the ‘bloggers get shit done’ sticker is sitting on the lid of my laptop right now.


These pencils are brilliant! I almost don’t want to use them too much. I will probably stop as soon as I reach the words. Only negative point (but it really isn’t a negative point), they don’t fit in my pencil case. They currently have their own pocket in my handbag.


What I really love about this purchase is the personalized thank you note that came with the box. This small touch makes the company stand out for me. They clearly care about what they are doing and giving the personal touch shows that.

Overall I find the box of goodies both useful and awesome to look at. You can be sure I will be using the planner for quite a while! Now I just have to figure out where I want to put the prints and stickers!


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