Book Trailer Review – The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci

Last night (for the UK, earlier today for America) Jenna Moreci launched the book trailer for her upcoming novel, The Savior’s Champion. Let me tell you it was brilliant. True I have never watched a book trailer before, I had never heard about them until Jenna Moreci teased hers a little while back. But I think this was a brilliant trailer to start with. Jenna had released some images to go with the trailer and I will review them below.


The style of the trailer was beautiful, Jenna’s fiancè Cliff designed it and he did a brilliant job. It matched perfectly with the plot information that has been released and genuinely had me excited to see what would be shown next.


The trailer teased the book in a way that had me more excited for the release than many film trailers. Even ones for films that I have gushed about after watching the full film. It teases the conflict that we will read about perfectly and it throws in hints of romance to keep it balanced.


Quite frankly if I weren’t about to start my day job I would be watching the trailer many times today to try and find some more hints that may be buried deep within.

Character Portraits

Jenna Moreci has included some character portraits within the trailer so we can put some faces to the names we learn about in the plot teasers. They are brilliantly drawn by Pocket Size Super Villian, Jenna and Cliff use them to highlight the plot teasers used in the trailer.

Book Cover

This book cover would immediately grab my attention in a shop even if I had never heard of Jenna Moreci. It wouldn’t even matter that I would be drawn to a book with my first name on! And honestly it is quite rare for me to see my name anywhere. It is dark but the splashed of violent red draw you in, it hints at the plot within brilliantly. The image at the top give a glimpse of the character Tobias, the main character and someone I am eager to learn about. It was designed by Eight Little Pages.

Release Date

I never thought three months would feel so far to travel for anything, but now it feels eons away. Jenna Moreci almost has me wishing my holiday to come and go fast so I can get my hands on her book.

Overall Verdict

Brilliantly designed and executed. It has me hooked and wishing away the days until the 24th April.

The link to view the trailer is below. Let me know what you think.

The Savior’s Champion – YouTube


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