Book Review – Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci

Welcome to my first ever book review. Eve: The Awakening is the debut novel of Jenna Moreci, a popular vlogger. Here are the basics of the book.

Genre – Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Book length – 558 pages

Date published – 12th August 2015

Available formats – Paperback and E-book

Overall opinion

I would easily classify this as a page-turner, I just needed to know what happened next! Even at the expense of housework and the editing of my own book. This is a thought-provoking and exciting novel that kept me hooked right until the end.

Thoughts on the plot development

The plot hints given in the description of the book online barely hint at the developments that take place throughout the story, which is how it should be. There are twists throughout the whole book, right up to the penultimate chapter. Some twists are hinted at while some come out of nowhere and just make you pause reading and just say “wow…”. The plot and subplots are well paced and developments are well placed to keep you wondering throughout.

What makes you think.







Are you sure you want to read spoilers? Ok then, enjoy.

The themes that Jenna Moreci explore are deep, concerning how we as a species react to change and how we view threats to our survival. Jenna Moreci really makes you wonder how we as a species might react to a new evolution of humans emerging, how we might treat them. And as much as I would hope that we would be better I don’t think Jenna’s version would be far from the truth. The way that many people react to Eve’s Chimera status is vicious and helps illustrate how the character has developed from a traumatized girl into a strong woman ready to save the Earth, she has had to deal with horrible events as she grew up and when the time came she knew what to do.







Good points

Eve: The Awakening is an entertaining read and will keep you guessing from beginning to end. It has scenes that are joyfully playful as well as scenes that make you think about humanity and how it might develop one day in the future.

Moreci finds the right balance between the romance between the two main characters and the action that takes place against the Interlopers. She doesn’t hide away from detailing the gorey bits, keeping the imagination filled with the juicy bits of each fight.

The story itself is set in the near future so the technology mentioned and used by the main characters is advanced and fun to consider for our own future. Moreci follows current advances in technology and imagines what they might become one day.

Moreci uses ironic plot twists to great effect, I can’t say more without giving spoilers but please, read to the end to see what I mean.

Not so good points

Whilst all of the above is true there are parts of Eve’s character that make it hard to relate. She can be distant and shut off to those around her, this makes perfect sense for Eve given what is in her past (trying hard not to give spoilers here), but it means that the secondary characters, such as Percy and Sancho, are more relatable to me as a reader. This isn’t necessarily a bad point to the novel but it can put some readers off, so be warned if you are one of these types of readers.

Final judgement

If you like Sci-Fi, aliens, superpowers or any type of fancy tech you should give Eve: The Awakening a go. It is a decent sized book that shouldn’t take an age to get through. I fully support this book to be added to your reading pile this year.

4 stars.jpg

Have you read this book? What did you think? Do you have any suggestions?


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