Quarterly Goals – January to March 2018

I have been watching videos posted on YouTube by Jenna Moreci for the past week or so and I have heard her talk about her quarterly goals. This system allows her to break down big, yearly goals into much more manageable chuncks. After seeing how productive this makes her I have decided to implement the same system. I will be discussing my quarterly goals here and on social media as a way to be held accountable to my followers.

So here are my goals for January-March!

  1. Complete a rewrite of the first ten chapters of The Revelation Academy.
  2. Get this blog onto a regular schedule that I can manage efficiently.
  3. Finish reading the three books mentioned in my last post for review posts.
  4. Sketch out a rough plot for my next book.

I also have four goals in mind for my private life, I won’t detail them here but I will update you with their progress.

In the first week of April I will update you on which goals I have achieved in the first quarter of this year and what my goals will be for April-June. Jenna Moreci considers a 50% complete rate to be a success and I plan to follow suit for now, but I may increase that depending on how tough I am going to be on myself.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for any updates regarding my progress. Do you have a similar system? How do you find it helps your productivity?


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