Writers Hack #3

This weeks Writers Hack is the usefulness of taking photos to aid your planning and writing.

Photographs can be used in all walks of life. They help people remember events, they can show off memories to friends and family (or random people on social media) and they help capture the best and worse in people. So how can they help us writers? Simple really, they help us visual what we are trying to write. Whether we are writing fantasy, historical fiction or a thriller we can find a use for them. We can use them to picture a particular setting, such as a thriving city centre or a picturesque landscape. Even Sci-Fi writers can use photos taken by the Hubble telescope to aid their settings.

With my current novel I am planning for NaNoWriMo I can’t really use photos of a city or town centre, I have to use photos of open landscapes and various geological features. Although I can use snap shots of films such as The Lord of the Rings for inspiration for a fantasy-style capital city (I’m thinking Minas Tirith here). You should use whatever is useful for inspiration. When writing it is good to have it pictured clearly in your own mind, I find it best as it helps me picture what is coming next.

What photos do you like to use, do you alter them at all? I’m hopeless at Photoshop so I try to find natural photos as close as possible.

As I write this Hurricane Ophelia is kicking in. Whilst I am not in the path of the storm we are getting some strange winds and colours in the sky. Almost apocalyptic, especially when added to the emergency light testing that my workplace are carrying out. End of the world type story maybe?

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