Writers Hack #2

This weeks Writers Hack is concerning bullet points. Just for clarification, this isn’t going to become a post about Bullet Journals, I don’t know too much about them and I don’t use them. I want to talk about using bullet points in planning and writing.

First off, planning. When outlining anything, be it chapters, characters or settings, I find bullet points very useful. Using them means that I can very quickly jot down points to consider, facts and potential ideas to explore at a later date. I find that when planning, trying to write full sentences and paragraphs to be too restrictive, its best to just write the highlights so you can fill it in later when actually writing out the piece.

Secondly (and finally) when you are writing out a piece you may find it helpful to bullet point to begin with. Personally I tend to use bullet points in writing when I have come across a bit of a difficult scene to write. I just bash out the parts I have thought out already and move on to an easier scene. I go back to the bullet points when I feel capable to actually write it out properly. I find this helps when I have writers block as I don’t end up feeling stuck completely. I can be productive whilst still a little blocked!

So there you have it, my thoughts on using bullet points in planning and writing. Check in next week where I discuss the usefulness of taking photographs to aid your writing.

The image above is borrowed with permission from The Lion Tree Group. To see the image in its original context go check out their blog post.

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