Writers Hack #1

I’ve seen writers hacks being written about just about everywhere! I thought I would add my own comments on some I employ. The first one is perhaps the most obvious: keeping a notebook.

I have a very small notebook I keep in my handbag, I love the design (a skull, with wording pointing out the various parts) and I find it just the right size to jot down random thoughts and potential short story ideas. Whilst I don’t end up adding to it every single day I find it is best just in case inspiration strikes. Too often I have had a somewhat decent idea, but with no pen and paper (and often a dying battery so I can’t even take notes on my phone!).

Some bloggers and authors suggest keeping one by your bedside so you can jot down anything during the night, but I find lately I don’t remember my dreams even in my waking moments. I always used to, but not any more. If you do tend to remember your dreams for a few moments it is well worth keeping a notebook close at hand, you never know when a dream becomes something more.

A little note to add to the advice of others is: find a good pen, one that interests you. I have a fountain pen with purple ink that I use for my thoughts. I find using something different to the usual Biro switches your mindset. If you use a bog-standard pen for work, use a funky colour for your writing. It helps me put everything else out of mind whilst I am writing, allowing me to focus on creating new worlds and stories.

Are there any other writing hacks out there that I should try?

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